For Artists

Ever since early man mixed red earth with saliva and daubed it onto cave walls, pigments have been the key ingredient in artists paints. From those early beginnings right up to modern paint manufacturing processes, these coloured earths have provided us with the base materials for creating a rich pallet of colours.

The painters of the Sisteen Chapel didn’t pop down to the local art supplies for a tube of burnt sienna, part of their craft was taking the raw pigments, grinding them and mixing them with oils to create the rich hues of those ornate frescoes.

Even a simple mix of our pigments and linseed oil will give you oil paint with hues to rival those of the most expensive manufactured paints.

Devoid of the cheap fillers used in most modern ‘off the shelf’ products, hand made paints made with our pure pigments, will achieve deep rich colours and give your paintings that extra something, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

If you are new to paint making we have a few basic how to guides to get you going. Use them as a starting point and then go and be creative. We have also put together collections of pigments, ideal as a starting point for creating your own custom pallets.