Making a Gum Arabic Binder for Watercolours

4 parts Hot Water (distilled if possible)
2 parts Gum Arabic Powder
1 part Glycerine (humectant & plasticiser)
2 drops of Clove oil (optional preservative)

You can find a how-to video for this recipe on our YouTube channel

Jar with Lid
Mixing stick
Measuring Cups / Spoons

1. Boil the water and leave to cool a little.
2. Mix the Gum Arabic Powder into the hot water adding a small amount at a time
3. Add the Glycerine at any time during the mixing process
4. Dont worry if you cannot dissolve all of the lumps they will eventually break up on their own.
5. Add a few drops of clove oil as a preservative.
6. Leave in a cool place such as a fridge overnight, the frothy head willl disappear, lumps will dissolve and the liquid will clear, it is now ready to be used.

Store the Gum Arabic Binder in the fridge until required.

Mix with pigment to create water colour paints.
For more information, see our how to guide for making watercolours